Extreme Makeover

Artwork made for Poliigon, to showcase the recently released Wood Pack, also made by me with Substance Designer.

Get them here: http://www.poliigon.com

99,8% of all the textures on this piece are procedural, either from SD or from within Blender Shader Network. It feels nice to have everything made from scratch :)

In order to be able to complete this artwork under a tight deadline (5 days), I made lots of small tools to aid in the process, such as a node group to be added at the end of each new material that automatic added dust, wear, paint droplets and dirt to each object using the normal information.
The render time was incredibly long and boring, interior scenes on path tracers rape the computer like cannibal corpse lyrics.

Guilherme henrique extrememakeover

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Guilherme henrique ezgif com 278474cdf0


Guilherme henrique col

Albedo Pass

Guilherme henrique ao

AO Pass

Guilherme henrique viewport


Guilherme henrique zbdoodle

Zbrush Doodle

Guilherme henrique artofsubstance

This artwork was featured on the Art of Substance II, during Substance Days 2017 at Gnomon Gallery in Hollywood.