Published Articles

Using Tiles to Texture a Scene | 3D World
An article about my UV-less workflow for quickly texturing large environments.

What to Know When Creating Next Gen Assets | CGMasters
A step-by-step guide on the art of crafting Next Gen Assets for Games.

Creating Next Gen Assets from Scanned Data | Melting Logic
A article about the process of cleaning scanned models to turn into a low poly Game Asset.

Making A Tileable Brick Wall (without sculpting) | Melting Logic
Tips and techniques on efficient texturing for Games.

Behind the Scenes: Opening the Dark Portal | Blendernation
A behind the scenes of the Award winner "Opening the Dark Portal".

Architectural Chair Modeling | CGMasters
A modeling walkthrough for a Barcelona-like chair.

Architectural Chair Pt 2: Materials | CGMasters
Creating a Procedural leather shader, in the second part of the chair walkthrough.

Sculpting a Cliff in Blender | Blender Guru
Timelapse showcasing the new Sculpt Brushes from Rock Essentials for the Blender Guru Channel.