Procedural Fan Pattern

Free substance!
(I mean, nothing stops you from donating me a lot of money)

This was one of my first "more elegant" studies over SD when I started to get serious about it, and I pretended to make a nice and crisp tutorial covering how I approached the fan pattern.
However I just realized I'm really lazy ( I mean, busy) for that right now, so unfortunately I won't be able to deliver it on time, as I had said earlier.

But, since I love you all, I'll give the raw substance file instead, so you can figure out yourselves! :D

This one was heavily inspired by the painterly feel of Uncharted 4, since it was one of my main motivations to offer myself as a Guinea pig to learn substance designer and use within the company.
It's a really nice exercise, and hope you find something good out of it!

Be free to use and modify it whatever you like, yolo.

Guilherme henrique screenshot000
Guilherme henrique screenshot053
Guilherme henrique screenshot054
Guilherme henrique screenshot055

The settings can be modified to generate different iterations of this texture, so you can vertex blend a version with the ground full of flowers to add diversity, for example.

Guilherme henrique fan texturesheet

Texture Sheet

Guilherme henrique fan

Basic Fan Pattern (Any question about the logic behind it, be free to mail or ask me!)

Guilherme henrique finalthing

The whole thing.

Guilherme henrique captura de tela 2017 02 18 20 27 37

Testing the material with a vertex blend shader I made in blender