Wine and Grapes

Artwork made for Poliigon, partially biased towards my love for wine and grapes :)
Only possible with the awesome overlay textures made by the team at Poliigon, certainly one of my favorite type of textures, so I always try to find a spot to use them.
You can get them here:

Everything from water droplets to fingerprints and stain can be found over the glass and grapes, around 12 different overlays used on this scene, including broken glass, dust, and even ice!
They were used to drive different parameters on the shader, such as Glossiness, Reflection, Diffuse influence, IOR, and so on.

Rendertime: A lot

Guilherme henrique grapes cropped

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Guilherme henrique glass overlays sidebyside


Guilherme henrique screenshot 2016 04 25 15 26 45

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