Barrel Riders

Artwork made for Blender Guru, to demonstrate the recently launched Rock Essentials pack;

Get yours here:

All rocks found there came from the pack, so the bulk work of what could be a really long scene to create could be achieved in roughly two weeks, with most of the time being devoted to composition and the water setup.

All the water and mist/foam are coming from the render, no fancy post-production here. The water splashes, mist, foam and waves are all alpha masked planes and shapes, with splash/foam samples taken from pictures or hand-painted.

Strongly influenced by the tolkien universe/weta work (as everything else I do), turbulent waters won't stop barrel riders :)

Guilherme henrique barrelrollers final

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Guilherme henrique river wip

Development Breakdown (Lighting from Pro Lighting Skies!)

Guilherme henrique dudes wip

WIP / Lookdev - Barrel Riders

Guilherme henrique diffcol

Diffuse Pass

Guilherme henrique captura de tela 2016 08 29 04 25 08
Guilherme henrique vp