Opening the Dark Portal

Winner Image of the CGSociety Hardcore Modelling Challenge (Best Model, Best Render & Best W.I.P), took me around 10 days to get this done on spare time, you can take a look at the Work in progress on my W.I.P Thread:

Adding some backstory to this somewhat "old" piece:
This scene used less than 1.5gb of memory, by that time I only had a ancient dual core with 3gb of ram.
It's very cool to see how things progressed since, Just to think nowadays my newest scenes sometimes just a small asset alone uses more than that. :) Life is awesome.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

Guilherme henrique darkportal cgs

Opening the Dark Portal

Guilherme henrique 6


Guilherme henrique 9


Guilherme henrique 10

Structures - Lookdev

Guilherme henrique 14
Guilherme henrique untitled34tgao
Guilherme henrique gnomongallery

I had the immense pleasure to be one of the 11 artists invited to be part of the Art of 3D Environments Exhibition, hosted by Gnomon Gallery in Hollywood.