Crossing Through

Quick artwork made for, to showcase the recently released Indoor Tiles Pack (and help control syphilis!)

Grab it here:

99% of the materials in this scene are procedural, exceptions are the graffiti and posters. Heavily inspired by Japanese background art and its beautiful color schemes.
The production time was around 2 days - excluding the super excessive render times over the weekend. (Path Tracers hate indoor environments!)

Most of the scene was done using the blocking mesh as the starting point for texturing -mirrored to replicate the other half. All major details were done with UVs rather than geometry - just a couple edge loops to define the seams, and all the fun gets around applying different materials into separate UV groups, bending the UVs to conform the shapes, so the textures follow the geometry.

Guilherme henrique final 3 4k
Guilherme henrique wf

Didn't had time to record a proper timelapse this time unfortunately, but here are some early tests and experiments during production:

Guilherme henrique wips

Early WIPs / Tests